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Into the Wild

From tutorials and product reviews to resources and statistics, you’ll find everything you need to improve your chances out in the field and spread a positive message about our lifestyle.

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Improve your chances out in the field with tutorials on hunting skills, rifle maintenance, bowhunting and more.

Everything you need to know about new and old gear to put you in the best position to be successful when you head out in the bush.

Cooking videos, recipes and tutorials on making the most of the wild game and fish that you harvest.

Learn to gut, skin and cape like the pros. And once you’ve mastered that, we’ll show you some of the awesome things you can do to make the most of your harvest.

Get the resources and information you need to spread a positive message about our lifestyle.

More than $20 billion

has been contributed to conservation by sportsmen and women, since 1937.

The population of wildlife in Zimbabwe increased by 300%

between 1984-2000 as a direct result of the reintroduction of legal hunting operations.
Hunting is cruel

Is hunting under attack?

If you have ever doubted that hunting is under attack, you only have to take a quick look back over our social media posts from the last two months that show numerous examples of inflammatory media headlines, onerous government legislation and discriminatory acts by commercial businesses all aimed at recreational hunting and shooting.

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Difference between hunting and poaching

The difference between hunting and poaching

Hunting and poaching. They are two words that have somehow become synonymous with each other. But are they the same thing, or are they wildly different? In this article, we will look at the main differences between hunting and poaching, and show how one gives back to wildlife while the other takes indiscriminately.

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"Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field and take me some venison."
~ Genesis 27:3
Browning A bolt with ATN

Great entry-level rifles

When setting up your first hunting rifle, it’s a good idea to start at an entry-level/standard rifle. You want something that will shoot straight and

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Sambar Backstrap Steaks

Easy Sambar Steaks

Sometimes simple is definitely the best when it comes to venison. In this recipe, we take sambar backstraps and create a mouthwatering meal in minutes.

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Jess shooting bow
Hunting tips

How to be an ethical hunter

You may have heard people talking about ethical hunting and how important it is to conduct ourselves as ethically as possible out in the field. 

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Jess walking with Bow on back
Hunting tips

Unusual hunting tips

1. Practice perfectly This may seem self explanatory but you often hear people saying practice makes perfect. In reality, only perfect practice makes perfect. If

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Wallaby biltong

Wallaby biltong

Learn how to make delicious South African biltong with an Australian twist using wallaby legs and Vegemite.

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Chili venison recipe

Chilli venison

With plenty of venison in our freezer, we’re always on the lookout for new recipes. This week, we created an awesome venison chilli using our wet aged, boned venison necks, chipotle chillies and jalapeños.

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Hunting tips

9 tips for hunting while pregnant

Women hunters do face some additional challenges – like hunting while pregnant. We’ve put together 9 simple tips for coping with hunting with a pregnant belly.

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Highveld taxidermy

Highveld Taxidermy answer some common questions about taxidermy and how to ensure you get the best trophies back.

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Kicking ass – tackling Australia’s feral donkey problem

Did you know that Australia has over 5 million feral donkeys that cause untold damage to our environment? While hunting donkeys may not seem very sportsmanlike, recreational hunting is definitely a worthwhile part of the overall solution to reducing feral donkey numbers.

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Rod Byfield
The Armoury

Rod’s Favourite Gear

Camo I’d say a good 90 percent of my camo is Badlands. Not only are their clothes well made, I also find their camo patterns

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From tutorials and product reviews to resources and statistics, you’ll find everything you need to improve your chances out in the field and spread a positive message about our lifestyle.


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