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Fighting Fallow Deer

2022 deer ballot opens in Tasmania

Premier Peter Gutwein today officially opened the 2022 deer hunting season for public land in Tasmania. This covers stag season only.

Hunting in QLD

How to apply for a firearms licence in QLD

Getting your firearms license in Australia might seem quite a daunting task at first, especially as the rules and processes can differ so dramatically from state to state. We have created a series on How to Apply For a Firearms License in Australia, with NSW, Victoria and Tasmania already published. Over the coming months, we will add in all states and territories of Australia, but in the article, we’ll check out how to apply for a firearms license in QLD.

hunt camp cooking

7 tips for better hunt camp cooking

Hunting is an active sport that involves plenty of walking, hill climbing, carrying gear in, and packing meat out. To be successful, hunters need to maintain peak physical fitness and that means eating properly before, during, and after the hunt. But the very nature of the hunting lifestyle also offers unique challenges when it comes to meal preparation, as it often takes place a long way from a fully stocked residential kitchen. In this article, we provide 7 tips for better hunt camp cooking, as well as a few simple recipes you can cook up in the field with ease.

Fake photo

A picture tells 1000 lies – how a fake image was shared more than 20 million times

There was a time when photography was considered the ultimate truth; when a simple image was capable of telling 1000 words. Unfortunately, in an age where digital manipulation has become commonplace, it is much more common for a picture to tell 1000 lies than a single truth. In this article, learn how fake photography is being used to manipulate the public to believe radical ideologies.

Beretta Hot Shots

Become a Beretta hotshot

Beretta Australia is launching a new photographic competition – the Beretta Australia “Hotshots” campaign.

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