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The I Am Hunter vision

Our vision

To change the way hunting is perceived and to change the conversation from a negative one driven by anti-hunters to a positive one led by hunters by: 

  1. Helping hunters become positive role models and ambassadors for hunting. 
  2. Helping non-hunters understand why we hunt, and why a ban on hunting is bad for wildlife. 

Our goal

The I Am Hunter  website has hundreds of articles, videos, podcasts and tutorials for hunters and non-hunters alike, including a TV series that shows positive hunting in action. 

Our goal is to share this content as far and as wide as possible, which in turn, helps achieve our vision of spreading a positive message about hunting. 

Success stories

The positive message about hunting is getting out there and winning over hearts and minds. 

Since I Am Hunter launched in April 2019, nearly quarter of a million people have viewed the content on the website, and millions more have interacted with it on social media and YouTube. 

Each week, we get messages from people who have been positively impacted – from hunters who have learned new skills to people who have taken up hunting because of what they have read here, to the even more miraculous anti-hunter who better understands the complexity of wildlife management as a result of one of our articles. 

The I Am Hunter TV series is the third-most watched hunting show in Australia and NZ, and currently ranks 67th worldwide* on the MyOutdoorTV platform. 

We have also built strong in-roads with police and government officials who not only strongly support what we are trying to achieve in lifting the standards of hunting in Australia, but who recognise our ability to communicate quickly and effectively with the hunting community. 

In 2022, we will add a Hunter Education program to further lift the standards of hunting, and to give hunters real life opportunities to learn more about hunting. 

There’s so much more than can be done but we need your help. 

5 ways to partner with us

Have you ever heard the saying ‘many hands make light work’?

For the I Am Hunter vision to truly come to life, we need a community of like-minded people to embrace the vision and drive the change. 

Here are 5 ways that you can help this vision become a reality. 

1. Become a consumer

One of the simplest and most straight forward ways you can support what we are doing at I Am Hunter is to make use of the content that we create.

We have already put in the hard work creating unique and hopefully helpful content to help you learn new skills, better understand conservation and wildlife management and make the most use out of the animals that you hunt.  

Watch our episodes and videos, listen to our podcasts, check out our tutorials, read our articles, use our recipes or complete one of our DIY projects. 

Use our handy ‘search’ bar to find articles on topics that interest you, or better yet, get our latest content delivered direct to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter. 

2. Become a follower

We post new content to our social channels, give details of any competitions or giveaways we might be running, and post stories about what we’re up to. 

Follow our corporate and personal profiles, and like, share and comment when we do post to help us spread the word as far and as wide as we can (and to by-pass those pesky social algorithms that try to limit or restrict hunting content online). 

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3. Become a super-spreader

You can be an agent for change by helping us spread a positive message about hunting as far and as wide as possible.

If you read an article, watch a video, follow a tutorial or listen to a podcast that you like, hit those share buttons (see sample below) to let your family and friends know about it. 

You can also help us reach a wider audience by leaving a review on Facebook or Google

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4. Become a contributor

Want to be part of the I Am Hunter team and help us create content that changes the conversation? 

Are you an expert in a particular field, or just have some skills you would like to pass on? Are you a keen cook with some recipes to share? Have you videoed some hunts and want to share them with others? Do you have a hunting tale you’d like to share? 

We are always on the look out for good, quality content to share with our audience and would love to see what you’ve got. 

Or maybe you’d like to become a moderator or editor for our social media pages and groups. 

If you would like to become a contributor or moderator for I Am Hunter, email

5. Become a financial partner

It is vitally important to our vision and our mission to keep the content on I Am Hunter free, so that it can be shared with as many people as possible. 

But, as you might imagine, there’s a lot of time and effort that goes into running a website like I Am Hunter. 

A single article can take anywhere from several hours to several days to research and write.

Each video and episode we produce involves hundreds of hours of filming, editing, and reviewing before it goes live.  

Even our podcasts require days of work to research, record and then edit.

Then there’s all the technology and equipment required to film and record in high definition, and all the back-end costs to keep the website advanced enough not to fall over from the sheer volume of content it contains.

And that all adds up to significant costs incurred each year. 

As a family, we have invested our own time and money to get I Am Hunter up and running, and to keep the wheels churning each month. 

But thankfully, we haven’t had to do it alone.

We have a small but dedicated group of financial members who support what we are trying to achieve, and have made the decision to put their own money behind it. 

In return, we have worked hard to reward their trust and belief in us by providing some exclusive member-only benefits and rewards. These include regular giveaways and discount codes, not to mention opportunities to win some major hunting trips from time to time. 

We also have corporate partners who either help us to reward our members, or who have chosen to become sponsors of our TV series. 

Would you like to become a financial partner? 

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Frequently asked questions

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Members will either be automatically included in smaller giveaways or invited to enter our bigger giveaways direct by email as well as in The Tribe on Facebook. 


If you feel that you have something you could contribute to I Am Hunter, send an email to with details of what you would like to share. 

We also encourage you to be active in The Tribe, where you can post photos and videos and start your own topics. 

Yes. While we love our members, we know life sometimes gets in the way. You can cancel your membership by logging into your account and hitting the cancel subscription button. You will retain access to our members-only area and rewards until the anniversary date of your last payment. After that, you will still be able to read and share our free content, but will not have access to member-only content or benefits. Please note: we do not offer a refund if you cancel your membership. 

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