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Our Vision

To teach self-sufficiency so people can forage, farm and hunt their food. 

To show others how to reconnect with the land and get back to nature. 

To foster a community of like-minded people who will become role models for future generations.

Food is something everyone on earth has in common. We all need it to survive and we all rely on the land to provide it. 

Until recently, most people were pretty self-sufficient when it came to feeding themselves. What they didn’t grow or raise themselves, they hunted, fished and foraged the wild to find.

Buying food from shops didn’t really start until the early 1900s, and even then, people only bought the items they couldn’t grow, raise, hunt or make themselves. 

The first supermarket opened in America in 1930, and the concept didn’t really take off in Australia until the 1960s. 

By the start of the 21st Century, the supermarket had become deeply imbedded in our lives, replacing backyard gardens and small local stores to provide a constant stream of convenience foods and packaged goods.

In less than a hundred years, the world moved from fully self-sufficient to fully dependent. 

Somewhere on that journey, we lost our connection to food, and as a result, much of what made us happy. 

Thankfully there are many who want to flip the switch again; to take personal responsibility for at least some of their food, to find their way back to nature; to return to a life on the land.

If that is you, you’ve come to the right place.

My Life On The Land was designed to help you reconnect with the land, to relearn how to source your own food; to enjoy nature; to pass on skills that kept our ancestors alive for thousands of years. 

Take advantage of the wide range of free materials to help you learn new skills, and when you’re ready to delve a little deeper, check out our growing library of tutorials and short courses to help you master those skills. 

These courses can be purchased individually. Alternatively, become a member and gain lifetime access to all of our courses, tutorials and member-benefits. 

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We understand that some people prefer to know in advance when a membership is due to renew, so we are in the process of setting up a notification process to alert you. 

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