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More than $20 billion

has been contributed to conservation by sportsmen and women, since 1937.

Approximately 60% (US$3.3 billion) of the funding for state wildlife agencies the United States comes from hunters and fishers.

As of 2016, only 5% of the American population actually hunt. The figure in Australia is approximately half that at around 2.5%.

The population of wildlife in Zimbabwe increased by 300%

between 1984-2000 as a direct result of the reintroduction of legal hunting operations.
"Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field and take me some venison."
~ Genesis 27:3
Ep 3: An environmental scientist on hunting

In this I Am Hunter podcast we talk to Daniel Boniface, an environmental scientist, about public land hunting in Queensland and the damage from feral pests.

Ep 2: Hunting South Africa – can you handle the truth?

In this I Am Hunter podcast with professional hunter, Willem Gertenbach, we discuss the truth about hunting in South Africa and what it is really like, and why the western media has got it so wrong.

Hunting is cruel

Is hunting under attack?

If you have ever doubted that hunting is under attack, you only have to take a quick look back over our social media posts from the last two months that show numerous examples of inflammatory media headlines, onerous government legislation and discriminatory acts by commercial businesses all aimed at recreational hunting and shooting.

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Difference between hunting and poaching

The difference between hunting and poaching

Hunting and poaching. They are two words that have somehow become synonymous with each other. But are they the same thing, or are they wildly different? In this article, we will look at the main differences between hunting and poaching, and show how one gives back to wildlife while the other takes indiscriminately.

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Plains Zebra

Do people really hunt zebra?

There’s no denying zebra are iconic to the African continent. It’s hard to think about Africa without imagining a herd of black and white striped zebra grazing across the open plains. Maybe that’s why some find it so hard to imagine why anyone could want to kill one. After all, why would anyone want to hunt a zebra? In this article, we’ll explore some of the common questions people have about hunting zebra and look at how hunting and conservation often go hand-in-hand. 

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culling cockies

Culling cockies

Cockatoos are not only synonymous with the Australian bush, they are a much-favoured addition to aviaries around the world. Despite being protected, they can still be killed under crop protection permits. In this article, we explore why cockatoos are culled, and why anyone would want to kill such an iconic bird.

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Some Resources

The State Conservation Machine

Includes information on the positive benefits that hunting and fishing has on the resources available to state wildlife agencies in the United States.
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‘Redneck, Barbaric, Cashed up Bogan? I Don’t Think So’: Hunting and Nature in Australia

A look into the motivations and values of Australian hunters as well as the ways in which hunting connects us to nature.
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Firearm homicide in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand: What can we learn from long-term international comparisons?

Comparing the experience of New Zealand, Canada and Australia to gain insight into the effect of firearm legislation on gun violence.
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The North American Model of Wildlife Conservation

Using scientific research and active management the United States and Canada have worked together to implement one of the world's most successful models of conservation.
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Economic impact of recreational hunting in NSW

A look into the motivations and values of Australian hunters as well as the ways in which hunting connects us to nature.
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