6 celebrities that hunt

Chris Pratt Hunting

From the Royal family to Hollywood actors and musical legends, there’s plenty of celebrities that hunt. Even though the narrative being pushed throughout Hollywood leans very left, erring more toward the animal rights/veganism side of things, there are still celebrities who know where their food comes from and enjoy being out on the land, hunting and fishing as much as we do. 

Here are just a handful of celebrities we were able to find that hunt, fish and love the outdoors. Some we already knew about and some were a huge surprise:

1. Kid Rock the hunter

Musical legend, Kid Rock, otherwise known as Robert James Ritchie (there’s a new thing we learned today), grew up in Michigan. Although he had a ‘rural upbringing’, he is the only hunter in his family, proving yet again that you don’t have to grow up among hunters to become one yourself. 

Kid Rock explained his passion for deer hunting in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. Kid Rock also recently started bow hunting, after being introduced to it by his good mate, Ted Nugent – another hunting-mad rock legend. 

Kid Rock loves hunting

2. Avril Lavigne the huntress from way back

Avril Lavigne grew up hunting in Canada with her family, and lists it as one of her favourite pastimes. In fact, it was actually her attitude towards hunting that got her signed with her first manager, Cliff Fabri. Still, that hasn’t stopped some ‘lovely’ fans of the singer starting a petition on Change.org to stop Avril hunting. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen guys. You go, Avril – keep hunting to your heart’s content. 

Photograph by Rosa Casapullo

3. Eva Longoria is no desperate huntress

While Eva Longoria might not post her hunting photos online, the former Desperate Housewife has talked openly in interviews about growing up on a ranch in Texas, where she says she learnt how to skin deer, pigs, snakes and rabbits. Go Eva!

Photo by Hispanic Lifestyle

4. Chris Pratt – the hunter Avenger

While there were some pretty dark moments for Chris Pratt AKA Star Lord when he single-handedly fudged up the Avenger’s plot to take down Thanos, we can forgive him his tremendous human-culling blunder thanks to his vocal love and support of hunting.  

Chris is an avid elk hunter (and part-time dinosaur hunter) and claims he became obsessed with big game hunting after moving to Utah in 2013. Chris Pratt says “hunting is in my blood”.

Despite copping some flak from the snowflake brigade for daring to be self-sufficient, Chris owns a farm where he and his family breed sheep for meat and wool.

Chris Pratt Hunting
Photo via BigHunter.it

5. The Royals – the OG hunters

The Royal Family
Photo by Carfax2

The Royal Family have been hunting, well forever really. Not only do they participate in an annual Boxing Day Hunt for pheasants, ducks and partridges, they have all been in the media for their hunting adventures and commentary. 

The Queen was the first woman to ever be on the cover of Field & Stream magazine back in 1976 in a feature about her gun dogs.

Prince Harry hunts water buffalo
Photo via Daily Mail

Prince Harry faced controversy after ‘trophy hunting’ a water buffalo during his 2004 gap year at the military academy and more recently going on a wild boar hunt in Germany. Unfortunately, Harry seems to have been pulled away from the sport by his new wife, Meghan Markle, but we’re hoping he returns real soon. 

Prince William has openly backed trophy hunting for elephants in Botswana, after the country banned trophy hunting back in 2014. He and his wife, Kate also copped some flak for taking Prince George on his first hunting trip

6. Rosie Huntington-Whitley – hunting, fishing, loving every day

Rosie Huntington-Whitley and Jason StathamEnglish model and actress, Rosie Huntington-Whitley (pictured with partner, Jason Statham) grew up on a farm near Tavistock, Devon in the UK. Some people find it hard to imagine such a beautiful woman out in the bush with a gun but she has been open about the fact that she used to eat squirrels and birds that she hunted back on the farm. In an interview where she admitted that she used to hunt she also said, “I’m probably gonna be hated for that. Everything gets eaten on the farm. It’s where food comes from.” It is certainly a breath of fresh air hearing a celebrity that is grounded in reality about where food comes from. 

So there you have it – six celebrities you may not have known are avid hunters. If you are interested in learning to hunt yourself, check out our educational content or consider becoming an I Am Hunter member so you can access our tutorials and hunter education.

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