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Welcome to your new-look Trophy Room.

Below you can see all the member-only rewards you have access to as an I Am Hunter member. 

MEMBER-ONLY CONTENT – as a member, you can access our full list of tutorials and how-to-videos. You’ll get exclusive access to our Hunter Education program, which is coming soon. And you’ll be the only ones who can access all the Behind The Scenes footage, gear lists, and background information from the I Am Hunter series, which will begin airing on MyOutdoorTV (MOTV) from January 2021. As members, you’ll also be the only ones able to watch the full episodes right here on our platform, which means you’ll save $99 a year on yet another subscription!

MEMBER GIVEAWAYS – as a member, you can now enter into our member-only giveaways. Each year, we give away thousands of dollars worth of prizes that have been kindly donated by our sponsors. 

DISCOUNT CODES – as a member, you can now view all of our discount codes. Get up to 40% OFF a wide range of hunting and outdoor gear from 16 companies around the world. Just a single purchase using these discount codes could save you significant money on your hunting, camping and fishing gear. Scroll to the bottom of this page to get the codes. 

FREE HUNTS – as a member, you could win an awesome hunting experience somewhere around the world. Last year, someone won a buffalo hunt in the Northern Territory plus a Kryptek camo pack valued at $8500. The winner is drawn live on Christmas Eve so make sure you tune in to see if you won. 

FREE SHIRT – as a member, you can claim 1 free I Am Hunter t-shirt (valued at $35) when you first sign up. 

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Discount codes
Hunters Specialties

CODE: Members only

Get 40% off the full range of Hunters Specialty products, including their scent control, calls and accessories. (Please note: code is case sensitive)

Skull Hooker logo

CODE: Members only

Get 40% off the Skull Hooker range of professionally crafted and fully adjustable skull mounting brackets. (Please note: code is case sensitive)

CODE: Members only

Get 40% off the full range of TekMat gun cleaning and maintenance mats. (Please note: code is case sensitive)

CODE: Members only

Save 40% off Birchwood Casey gun cleaning supplies, accessories and targets. (Please note: code is case sensitive)

Hunting Haven

CODE: Members only

Save 10% off the price of hunting gear at Hunting Haven. Excludes optics and already discounted items.

Camo Warehouse
CODE: Members only

Get 10% off the range of camo clothing, hunting boots and accessories at Camo Warehouse.

Mansfield Hunting and Fishing

CODE: members only

Save 10% off the range of hunting gear and shooting equipment at Mansfield Hunting & Fishing. Discount excludes optics, GPS, ammunition and firearms.

Stealth Cam Discount Code

CODE: members only

Get 40% off the entire range of Stealth Cam game trail cameras.

CODE: members only

Get 25% off Kryptek's range of camo clothing, footwear and accessories.

Sheepdog Coffee
CODE: members only

Coffee made for warriors and adventurers. Get 10% off store wide.

Walker's Discount Code

CODE: members only

Get 40% off all Walker's Game Ear electronic and passive hearing protection.

Glow Shot Targets

CODE: members only

Get 15% off Glow Shot reactive splatter targets and shooting accessories.

HME Discount Code

CODE: members only

Get 40% off the full range of Hunting Made Easy products, including their Scent Slammer line and hunting blinds/hides.

NAP Archery Discount Code

CODE: members only

Get 40% off all NAP Archery products including broadheads, fletching and accessories.

CODE: members only

Get 10% off any hunt booked with HuntShack in South Africa. Simply quote the discount code in your inquiry.

The Girl Way

CODE: members only

Save 30% off The Girl Way's range of women's hunting and lifestyle apparel.

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Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to do that though and if you’re new to hunting, having to gut an animal can be messy and a little confronting – which is totally understandable.

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