Episode 11, Season 1

Hunting with kids

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The Hunt

There is something really satisfying about introducing children to new aspects of hunting and seeing the joy in their faces as they spy their first deer in the wild. 

While Jack has been hunting with us for several years, accompanying us on hunts all around the world, this was the first time he was truly immersed into the hunting experience. It was also the first true mother/son hunt, where they didn’t have Poppy along for the ride. 

Jess was able to show Jack how to read a map, as well as how to check for signs of deer in the bush. These are all really important skills to learn that will stand Jack in such good stead when he’s older and actually out hunting by himself. 

A few kilometres away at another deer camp close by, Rod was able to take his four-year-old foster daughter, Lily out on her very first hunting experience. 

Lily has lived with us for a little over a year now. As such, she had never previously been exposed to any hunting, or even camping. 

She was so excited to be sleeping in a tent for the first time, and having some real big girl experiences. And while she had seen deer on a TV screen before, she had never seen one in the wild before. 

Thanks to the clarity of the Burris spotting scope, Rod was able to show Lily close up footage of a number of does feeding across the landscape. 

The People
Rod Byfield
Rod Byfield
Jess Byfield
Jess Byfield
Tash Byfield
Tash Byfield
Jack Byfield
The Location

Both hunting camps were located near McGuires Marsh in Tasmania. We are pretty big fans of camping. Not only is it a great way to switch off from technology and the modern world, there’s just so much camaraderie to be had sitting around a camp fire and talking about the amazing hunt you just experienced. Want to discover more benefits to camping?

Animals hunted

The hunt took place during the second week of the Tasmanian fallow buck season, which means that the only animal that could be legally shot was a fallow buck. 

We saw lots of does, but unfortunately, no bucks. We also saw some wallabies, but nobody wants to go shooting wallabies during the buck season and risk scaring off one of the only bucks around. 

Click the images below for a more in-depth look at both of these species. 


Fallow Deer


Firearm - .243 or larger. Bow - 50lbs draw weight




Red-necked Wallaby


Macropus rufogriseus


Firearm - .22LR or larger Bow – Not Allowed


Tasmania, Australia and South Island, New Zealand

Game Saver Tips

Coming soon.

Wallaby biltong
Wallaby Biltong
Rendang Curry
Rendang Curry
De-boning a leg
Deboning a wallaby leg
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