Season 1

Season 1

Episode 1

One of the most electrifying sounds you will hear in the wild is the mighty roar of a rutting red deer. In this episode, Jess, Rod and Tash head to New Zealand to hunt Mt Ruapehu, in the shadow of Mt Doom with guide, Brad Berry, to spot and stalk hunt a big old free range red deer stag. The mountain throws everything at them: wind, rain, hail and even a cyclone. But they press on and get the job done. Tash also has her first taste of bowhunting a wily fallow buck and learns just how hard it is to get close.

Episode 2

South Africa is one of the best examples of conservation hunting in the world. In this episode, Rod, Jess and Tash trek through the Free State in search of the elusive kudu. In the end, the kudu eludes them and they focus their attention on the blue wildebeest, a herd animal that proves just as challenging to hunt. Discover the role hunting plays in the conservation of endangered species like rhinoceros and lions, and learn more about the fascinating culture and history of Southern Africa.

Episode 3

Back home in Tasmania, Tash learns first hand why there is a hashtag on social media called #bowhuntingsucks as she successfully bow hunts her first fallow deer. Bow hunting is a controversial topic in Tasmania that polarizes both hunters and non-hunters alike. At the time of filming, this was the only property in Tasmania where bow hunting of fallow deer was allowed. The government has since closed the loop hole, essentially banning bow hunting throughout the state, a move that the I Am Hunter team continues to challenge at a political level.

Episode 4

Rod leaves his daughters home in this hunt and heads to Victoria with his friend, Nathan How to hunt sambar deer in the Victorian Highlands. While the pair are keen to bag a nice set of antlers for the wall, their main goal is to fill the freezer with some quality venison. Sambar deer are listed as a vulnerable species in South East Asia where they originated from, but are abundant in Victoria’s high country and are Australia’s largest deer species. Rod is also able to introduce Tasmanian Nathan to the joys of fox hunting and, in the process, protect the farmer’s livestock from this vicious predator.

Episode 5

Everyone has an opinion on hunting in Africa, but Tash shows that hunting in Africa is what you make it. Tash spent four days bow hunting the elusive nyala on foot, spot and stalk style in Limpopo with outfitter, Willem Gertenbach from Jabula Safaris. Tash experienced the highs and lows of bow hunting big game. She even lost one nyala bull to a black mamba!

Episode 6

Rod and Jess fly to the Northern Territory to hunt Australia’s biggest and most dangerous game animal – the Asiatic Water Buffalo. 

Episode 7

Rod and the girls take part in a driven hunt with a difference, hunting wallabies in Tasmania’s Highlands using dogs to flush the native wildlife out of the thick bush land.

Episode 8

When it comes to hunting, there are the common animals that are often associated with hunting. And then there’s the animals people don’t expect you to hunt like the African zebra or the Australian cockatoo. Jess and Rod explain why these animals are hunted and the benefits that come from hunting controversial species.

Episode 9

Rod and Jess head back to the Northern Territory to take on the feral scrub bulls who roam wild in the Outback. They also help put a dent in Australia’s feral donkey problem.

Episode 10

Rod, Jess and Tash go possum shooting to help a local farmer overcome his possum problem and show how they utilise the fur from the hunt to fly fish wild brown trout.

Episode 11

One of the true joys of hunting is introducing the next generation of hunters to the lifestyle. In this episode, Rod gets to take his 4 year old foster daughter on her first hunting and camping trip, where she has the chance to see deer in the wild for the first time. A couple of kilometres away, at another camp, Jess is teaching her 7 year old son, Jack the finer points of hunting by showing his how to track wildlife in their natural habitat.

Episode 12

Jess and Rod head back to New Zealand to hunt free range fallow deer with Brad Berry from Ruapehu Hunting. Back at camp, Jess cooks up a venison feast of backstraps, tenderloins and deer heart, while Rod chats to Brad about guiding in New Zealand.

Episode 13

In this episode, Rod, Jess and Tash show what it takes to cull wildlife from farmland. This style of hunting is often referred to as crop protection hunting or even pest control, and is probably one of the most common forms of hunting in Australia.

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