How to de-bone a leg

De-boning a leg

Learn how to remove the bone from a hind quarter while saving as much meat as possible.

In this video, we are boning out wallaby legs. However, the technique applies whether you’re deboning any wild game or even store bought meats. To see the same technique on a larger leg, you can watch this video.


  1. Start with a sharp knife.
  2. Turn the leg over and start cutting from the inside seam where the muscles join up.
  3. Cut either side of the bone, using small cuts. Stay as close to the bone as you can, but avoid cutting the bone, as this will blunt your knife.
  4. Carefully cut around the ball joint.
  5. Next, slide your knife underneath the bone to cut remaining tendon.
  6. Now, cut the muscle running alongside the shank bone, following the natural seamlines to separate the meat from the bone.
  7. Trim veins, sinew and any excess fat.
  8. Meat can either be rolled as a roast, minced, or cut up and used in curries, stews, biltong or any other game recipe.

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