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Hunting Misinformation

Ep 14: Hunting misinformation in MSM

In this podcast, we explore the misinformation that has been spread and talk about how easy it is for people to ‘hate’ hunters and hunting when they are ill-informed. Especially when it concerns animal populations and the perception of endangered status.

Guy Barnett MP Hunting Tasmania

Ep 11: Hunting in Tasmania with Guy Barnett, MP

In this I Am Hunter podcast with Liberal MP, Guy Barnett, we talk about the importance of hunting and fishing in Tasmania, and the opportunities for growth in the industry. We also do the political two-step with Guy on that contentious issue of bowhunting in Tasmania.

Ep 10: What hunting used to be like with Murton Outdoors

In this podcast, we reminisce about the good old days of hunting. From the recent good old days (like a month ago when we could still hunt) and 40 years ago when you could walk down the street with a rifle slung over your shoulder.

Hunting America with Jesse Phillips

Ep 8: Hunting America with Jesse Phillips

In this I Am Hunter podcast, we talk to Jesse Phillips about hunting in America, teaching his kids to hunt, and life as a Marine. We also discuss what it was like growing up with twelve brothers and sisters, and answer one of the most important questions in the universe – does pineapple belong on pizza (of course it does).

Trophy hunting elephants

Ep 7: Robert Borsak – how do you eat an elephant

How do you eat an elephant? According to Member of Parliament, Robert Borsak , it really is one bite at a time. It’s the same way Robert takes on the big fish in Australian politics, too. We chat to Robert Borsak in this I Am Hunter podcast.

Becoming a bowhunter

Ep 5: Bowhunting a shark

Mark Burrows has travelled around the country hunting everything from deer to sharks with his bow. The team sat down to chat with him about his hunts and the work that he does with the Australian Bowhunters Association to defend the rights of bowhunters and ensure future generations can enjoy it too.

Becoming a bowhunter_HuntShack

Becoming a bowhunter podcast – Hunting Around the World with the HuntShack Crew

Share on facebook Facebook Share on twitter Twitter Share on linkedin LinkedIn Share on whatsapp WhatsApp Share on email Email Share on telegram Telegram Recently, the team did a podcast with Matthias Turner (Matty) from Becoming a Bowhunter podcast to talk about how HuntShack got started, and how that led […]

Danny Vanbrugh

Ep 4: When buffalo attack

Rod and Jess chat with Danny Vanbrugh about his scary encounter with a water buffalo late last year. They discuss how Danny got into guiding and taxidermy, the buffalo attack itself, how he made it out alive and also the reaction he got from the antis.