Ep 6: Hunting New Zealand – That’s a big buck, bro

Big fallow buck

In this I Am Hunter podcast, we chat to hunting guide and sheep farmer Brad Berry and Australian hunter Hayden Hanratty, a dairy farmer from Victoria about hunting in New Zealand during The Roar.

What did we chat about?

We look at both sides of a hunting trip, from what the hunting guide is trying to achieve for the client, to what a client is looking for when booking a hunting trip. Brad also describes what went through his mind as a hunting guide when Hayden passed up a big fallow buck to take a free range red deer (not that Rod was too upset, as he bagged the monster fallow himself a few days later).

We also talk about the amazing experience it is hunting in New Zealand. We travel there every year to hunt, and particularly love hunting in New Zealand during the Roar. That’s when the hills come to life with the sounds of big red deer roaring to attract female attention during the rut. There’s no other experience quite like it. If you would like to see what it’s like, check out Episode 2 of I Am Hunter, where Jess hunts a red stag during the Roar.

If you would like to hunt free range fallow, red or sika deer in New Zealand, you can book via HuntShack – https://www.huntshack.net/new-zealand

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Hunting sika in New Zealand with Brad Berry
Hunting New Zealand with Brad Berry
Breaking down a fallow buck
Video podcast

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