Ep 4: When buffalo attack

Danny Vanbrugh

In this I Am Hunter podcast, we speak to Danny Vanbrugh about hunting in the Northern Territory, and hear all about when buffalo attack. Danny is a taxidermist and hunting guide based out of Queensland, Australia. He got into hunting as a young kid and has grown up involved mostly in pig hunting and crop protection for farmers, but loves hunting big game animals like water buffalo.

When buffalo attack

Late last year (2019), Danny and his son were out hunting water buffalo in the Northern Territory, as they had done many times before. While checking out a new area, they came across a big bull. Danny took a shot at the water buffalo. But while the bullet connected, the water buffalo didn’t go down quite as planned. Hear the full story of this chilling buffalo attack from the man himself by listening to the podcast above.

The water buffalo that attacked Danny Vanbrugh

If you would like to find out more about Danny, including his taxidermy and guided hunts (and maybe ask him some more questions about when buffalo attack), check out his Facebook profile.

You can also check out our podcast with Mark Burrows, who took on a water buffalo not with a gun but with a bow!

If you are feeling brave enough to tackle a buffalo head on, and want to book a buffalo hunt in the Northern Territory, check out https://www.huntshack.net/australia or if you simply want to learn more about water buffalo, how they were introduced to Australia, and how they become feral, you can check out our animal pages.

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