Ep 2: Hunting South Africa – can you handle the truth?

Hunting South Africa

In this I Am Hunter podcast with professional hunter, Willem Gertenbach, we discuss the truth about hunting in South Africa and what it is really like, and why the western media has got it so wrong. We also discuss trophy hunting controversial and endangered species, land use, wildlife management, and the overall effect hunting has had on conservation and animal populations since 1964.

As a farmer and qualified professional hunter (yes, there’s actually a qualification for that), Willem has an in-depth knowledge of South Africa’s wild game and landscape, and has hunted and guided on nearly every species of plains game animals and the Big 5.

Willem has earned a reputation as an outfitter willing to go the extra mile for his clients, which he certainly did on our first trip with him, when he single-handedly saved our hunting trophies when the shipping company went broke.

Does hunting help or hurt wildlife?

Did you know wildlife populations have increased from 575,000 to more than 24 million since the introduction of privately owned game farms?

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However, one of the best ways to learn the truth about hunting in South Africa is to go there yourself, and witness firsthand the positive benefits hunting has brought to all wildlife. Book at hunt through HuntShack at https://www.huntshack.net/africa

Professional hunters
Professional hunter

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