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Each year, I Am Hunter members have a chance to win an amazing hunting experience somewhere around the world.

In 2019, a member won a 3-day fully guided water buffalo hunt in the Northern Territory valued at nearly $8000. 

In 2020, one member will win a 5-day, fully guided hunt* in South Africa to hunt four animals plus free taxidermy, courtesy of HuntShack, Jabula Safaris and Highveld Taxidermists. This amazing prize is valued at over $11,000 AUD. 

To win, become an I Am Hunter member before 24 December 2020 and you’re automatically in the draw.

*The 2020 major prize will be drawn on 24 December 2019 at 7pm AEST. ** To be eligible to win the major prize, you must be a current financial member of I Am Hunter on the date that the prize is drawn. Members are automatically eligible to win major prizes. Major prize includes accommodation, meals, 4 days of guided hunting, airport transfers and trophy fees for a common duiker, steenbok, warthog and your choice of either a blesbok, impala or springbok. The prize also includes taxidermy for the four animals. Winner has the option to add additional animals at their own cost. 

What is I Am Hunter?

I Am Hunter is about hunting, but it’s not just for hunters. We believe our message is for everyone, even those who may not agree with hunting. 

Our goal is to change the conversation about hunting, break down negative stereotypes and help people become safe and ethical fair-chase hunters.

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How to field dress a goat
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How to field dress a goat without gutting it (members-only content)

The most obvious way to field dress a goat for meat would be to gut it and then break it down into the cuts of meat, like we did for a kangaroo in this video.

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to do that though and if you’re new to hunting, having to gut an animal can be messy and a little confronting – which is totally understandable.

Here is a method that we filmed while attending the Game Hunters Association of Australia Hunter Education course.

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Can hunting aid Kenya’s economy post Covid?

In 1977, Kenya banned trophy hunting and pinned its economic hopes on tourism, believing photographic tourism to be more sustainable in the long run than hunting tourism. Enter 2020 and a global pandemic that hasn’t just impacted the health of millions of people around the world; it has also decimated the tourism industry. Kenyan based conservation scientist Dennis Ombaki believes there should be a place for well regulated hunting to help Kenya rebuild and provide much-needed economic aid to Africa post Covid-19. 

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