Contributor guidelines

How to become a contributor

At I Am Hunter, we want to change the conversation about hunting, turn negative stereotypes on their head and see a revival of hunting as a way of life.

As such, we pretty much publish anything that fits within the broad scope of hunting (with firearms or bowhunting) and spending time in the outdoors. Yep, that includes fishing, camping, prepping, foraging, cooking, taxidermy, survival skills etc. We also use a wide range of formats on I Am Hunter including blogs, articles, first-person stories, recipes and cooking techniques, tutorials, masterclasses, reviews, gear lists, ebooks, e-courses, podcasts, short videos, documentaries, and hunting shows. 

While we will consider anything, we are particularly interested in: 

  • How-to articles, tutorials and videos
  • Anything that demonstrates the link between hunting and conservation/wildlife management
  • Anything that demonstrates the importance of hunting on sustainable foods
  • Hunter Education materials

If you think you have something to contribute to our website, here’s a few simple guidelines to getting started.  

  1. First, tell us your idea. Drop us an email to outlining your idea, what format you’re interested in submitting (article, podcast, tutorial, video, episode etc) and approximately how long (word count for articles or time for videos, podcasts etc). Don’t forget to tell us any background or skills you have as well. Don’t stress too much if writing is not your strong suit. We can help shape the writing if you bring the knowledge and skill, or something that benefits our audience. 
  2. Is your idea still in development or is it already completed? Has it been published elsewhere, or will it be exclusive to I Am Hunter? 
  3. Is your content editorial or advertising? We have no problem giving your business or profile a shout out, or even providing a backlink or two. Just remember that there’s a big difference between genuine content that benefits our audience and straight up advertising for your business. If your idea leans too heavily towards self-promotion, we will gently redirect you to our media kit for advertising options. 
  4. Don’t forget to include your contact details including name (you’d be surprised how many people forget to include that), phone number and email address. 
  5. That’s pretty much it. If we like your idea, we will be in contact with more information. 

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