Women’s Camo Haul

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Here Jess and Tash show you all of their must-have women’s hunting gear! And give you their honest opinions on what the gear is good for and not so good for. 

Stoney Creek

We really love Stoney Creek’s Sisterhood line for cold weather hunting. Their camo is designed for women by women; it’s durable, has a great fit and keeps you warm and toasty in cold weather! 


Jess is a big fan of Bushbuck’s rain gear! It’s kept her dry in some extreme weather! 

5.11 Tactical

Tash loves her 5.11 Tactical boots, not only do they say they are waterproof and mean it but they are great for clumsy people like her that need ankle support! 

Under Armour

Although we do really love the Under Armour women’s line, their website has been a little weird lately and it’s been hard to find the gear we usually use. If you can find it, they have really comfortable and light clothing for hunting, and the scent control in their clothes is like black magic. 

You can find our Stoney Creek gear here – stoneycreekhunting.com.au.

You can find our Bushbuck gear here – bushbuckoutdoors.com.

You can find our 5.11 Tactical gear here – 511tactical.com.au.

You can find our Under Armour gear here – underarmour.com/en-au/womens/hunting/g/3cgy.

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Good women’s camo gear used to be really hard to come by. It was all bright pink or didn’t fit properly at all. Over the last few years though, with more and more women getting into hunting, a lot of brands have made huge improvements to their product lines.

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