Ridgeline Monsoon Anorak Review

Testing the Ridgeline Monsoon

Interested to see how the Ridgeline Monsoon Anorak performs in the rain? In this video review, Tash puts its waterproofing capablity to the test.

Tash and I were asked to test out and review the new Ridgeline women’s Monsoon Anoraks. After wearing them out hunting, fly fishing, and just around the farm I can say that they’ve been an awesome jacket to have on hand.

They don’t have any insulation in terms of providing a lot of extra warmth but I actually really like that especially here in Tasmania where the weather can change on a dime. I’ve found that it’s much better to have a few layers to stay comfortable plus a good outer shell to keep you dry and keep the wind away. 

The pockets on this jacket are awesome. It has one big chest pocket on the left side and then two pockets on the mid section. All three are deep and have zips to keep anything from falling out. 

The fit is really good. I wear the women’s small (8-10) and I am normally in a size 8 for tops. Tash has the medium (10-12) and is also normally a size 8 but that works really well for her because she can get the anorak over the top of her and baby Amelia (7 mths) when she’s in a front chest pack. It has a drawstring in the middle, which you can pull tight for a more fitted look. 

Last thing I really like about the jacket is the hood. It’s big enough to have room for a bun, ponytail, or hat and extends over the top of your forehead to keep rain off your face. The jacket buttons up all the way to the bottom of the hood which would be really good for keeping you extra dry in a strong downpour.

In all honesty, we haven’t had a chance to test these out in really bad rain just yet so I can’t comment too much on how the waterproofing holds up, though if you watch the video above, you’ll see Tash did get a bucket of water dumped on her head to give you guys some idea of how the jacket holds up to water.  

You can find out more about the Ridgeline women’s Monsoon Anorak here. You can find the men’s version of the Ridgeline Monsoon Anorak here

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