Mounting the Burris Eliminator III

Mounting the Burris Eliminator III

No scope rings, no problem! Mounting the Burris Eliminator was quick and easy with everything you need right there in the box.

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How to Mount

Step 1

Place picatinny rail onto rifle – making sure all the holes match up and set FAT Wrench to 60 inch pounds.

Step 2

Place in your screws and twist until you hear the wrench click. 

Step 3

Slip on your cross bolts to the picatinny rail. Slip scope into the cross bolts – making sure everything is pushed towards the front of the rifle. 

Step 4

Check eye relief! Adjust if necessary. 

Step 5

Tighten cross bolts with your fingers then tighten with FAT Wrench at 60 inch pounds. 

Step 6

Take it to the range and sight in that scope! Have fun! 

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