Aussie light horse troop to assist with anti-poaching

Australian Light Horse Troop assists anti-poaching unit to protect rhino

Two members of the 7th Light Horse Troop in Gundagai will travel to South Africa to assist in training members of the wild mounted anti-poaching unit and help save endangered wildlife. 

Since World War 1, when the Australian Light Horse Brigade first rode their way into Australian hearts and minds at Gallipoli, these brave mounted infantrymen have become synonymous with wars and battles. A century later, while the battlefields may have changed, their bravery and courage has not been dampened. In March 2020, two members of the 7th Light Horse Troop Gundagai will travel to South Africa to assist the mounted anti-poaching unit of Care for Wild and help train their ranger recruits to protect endangered wildlife. 

Care for Wild run a rhino sanctuary situated in the beautiful heartland of Mpumalanga, South Africa, and work closely with local communities to create sustainable solutions to protect endangered animals like wild rhinoceros and elephants from poachers.

Light horse troop to assist anti-poaching unit protect endangered wildlifeHorses are a useful addition to the anti-poaching units. They allow rangers to travel faster than they could on foot, and more silently and with less environmental damage than they would in vehicles. Horses are also able to travel the same pathways as rhinos, elephants and other vulnerable game species, making it easier for them to track and apprehend poaching gangs (there’s something quite intimidating about being chased down by a full grown horse that makes poachers think twice about their actions. 

Two volunteers from the Australian Light Horse Troop will train the anti-poaching unit to protect endangered wildlifeHorses are also bridging the gap between communities, creating talking points for the local villagers to learn more about the important work undertaken by anti-poaching units, and education is a vital part of the work these units do to protect endangered wildlife. 

The two volunteers from the 7th Light Horse – Gundagai Troop will train both ranger recruits for the mounted unit, and the horses that will be used in the field. 

Light horse troop during a field exercise Australian Light Horsemen were deployed to South Africa during the Boer War, and are excited to again bring the traditions of the Australian Light Horses in Africa to help protect endangered and threatened wildlife.

The two volunteer members of the 7th Light Horse Troop – Gundagai are raising funds to help equip the anti-poaching unit with saddlery, equipment and uniforms and have set up a Go Fund Me page for anyone who would like to assist. 

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